OG CS is specialized in assisting big and successful corporations...

About Outsourcing

Outsourcing is too often driven by cost reduction, which generates fear among the employees. This means that a wrong sourcing strategy that doesn’t include employees and their expertise is doomed to failure. Having the right advisor at your side is critical for avoiding this.

OG CS is a valued partner in building successful outsourcing strategies by efficiently managing all process phases and streamlining internal processes for a successful transition. OG CS provides a head-to-tail service, managing the process from the first idea to the delivery management, taking care of the entire value chain.

OG CS is specialized in assisting big and successful corporations in bringing critical services outside of the company wall, thus increasing their efficiency, significantly reducing costs, improving deliverable quality and managing risk.

Outsourcing advisory

  • Sourcing strategies and implementation roadmaps (offshoring, near-shoring and on-shoring)

  • Business planning, case scenarios and cost assessments

  • Interim management

Integrated sourcing services

  • Readiness assessments

  • Vendor selection process (selection strategy, requirements definition, RfI/RfP, bid process management, vendor evaluation, due diligence)

  • Vendor management

  • Full governance management


  • Transition and change management

  • Strategy optimization

  • Training and coaching

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