Managed Services

Nowadays competition is one of the key elements for every company...

About Managed Services

Successful enterprises have already understood that the key of competition is concentrating on the core business. This means that it is becoming more and more important to have the right partner for assuring business services, IT quality and delivery

Based on long and proven experience we are in the unique position to offer a cutting-edge service range as a valid alternative to in-house solutions and the more traditional offshoring models.

We have our own quality factory based in Croatia that allows us to provide best-in-class services at low cost, based on excellent experts providing not only hands-on software quality assurance but also consulting and advising with strategies to optimize processes and to assure quality.

Managed Services

  • Application/software development and maintenance

  • Test cases and test data creation

  • Optimization cycles

Offshore Quality Factory

  • In-depth and comprehensive coverage

  • Full reporting and non-conformities management

  • Advantage of offshore low rates

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